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5 Most Expensive Bongs Ever!

Wednesday, 02 December 2015

We’ve mentioned before that glass blowing has made a major difference in the smoking world, especially when it comes to pipes and bongs. The pipes and bongs being created have only gotten more and more complicated, intricate and interesting as glass blowers get more skilled and passionate about the art associated with their craft. Unfortunately, art doesn’t come cheap, and as bongs got more and more artistic, the price tag associated with some of them only shot up higher and higher. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the 5 most expensive bongs ever according to our research. We know most of you enthusiasts can’t afford these bongs (frankly, neither can we!) but it’s still fun to look and dream!

#5 Scott Deppe’s Grateful 4 Mushrooms: $14,251.90

When you’re talking about talented glass blowers, Scott Deppe is a name that needs to leave your mouth somewhere in the first sentence. His vision has lead to some incredible pieces of smokable art, of which this one is a very notable example. If you’ve ever asked yourself “What would it be like to smoke out of a bunch of bears dancing on a field of rainbows covered in mushrooms?” then this is the bong for you…that is, of course, unless you don’t happen to have more than 14 g’s lying around to buy this piece.

#4 ROOR Excalibur: $15,000

You had to know Roor would make it onto this list somewhere. They’re famous for making high quality glass that can sometimes come at a price that’s just as high. This particular bong, named after the mighty sword that was pulled from a stone to turn lowly Arthur into the king of legends, stands at 6 feet tall! It also has some cool flare color work as you’d expect from Roor and looks absolutely insane. How would you milk that thing? Even more confusing, how would you clear that?!

#3 Scott Deppe’s Take me 2 the MOTHERSHIP: $22,154

Any glass blower who finds himself on this list twice is either doing everything right or everything wrong, and in this case, it’s all right. This piece comes in ad over 20 fat stacks of paper and looks like something from the most intense acid trip every had. The use of psychedelic shapes and colors makes you wonder if you really can smoke from this beast of a bong, but just like #5 on this list, you can, though at this price you probably don’t want to. There’s no imaging the nervous breakdown you’d have if you broke even a piece off this piece!

#2 The Pirate Ship bubbler: $30,000

What better way to celebrate your love of pirates and herbs than by buying a pirate ship bong for 30 grand? This piece is a very intricately done smokable recreation of a pirate ship with so many small rods of glass involved in the making that we can’t help but wonder how you’d take it home if you bought it.

#1 The Miley Cyrus bong: $70,000

Did you think Miley Cyrus would top this list in any way? We sure didn’t, but apparently someone bought a bong she apparently used in a hush-hush auction for the insane price you see above making it the most expensive bong. Why? Lord only knows why it sold for that much, but that’s the price tag fame can bestow on a regular piece of glass, people.

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