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Antique Smoking Pipes

Friday, 20 November 2015

Smoking is a really old practice that goes back father than most books care to detail. This means that there is a lot of smoking history out there, not only in terms of stories and accounts of the practice from days long since past, but also history in the form of physical artifacts and representations of the tools used to get the job done way back before machines could manufacture them in countless numbers as a day. These pieces have a certain energy to them – a presence – created by the focus, skill, and attention to detail put in by the person who crafted it by hand to create the pieces that are now antique smoking pipes. In this post, we’ll be looking at some cool antique smoking pipes and talking about them to see how far we’ve come from those days long ago.

Vintage Lg Meerschaum Figural Pipe

This Pipe is an interesting looking pipe that has a lot of cool detail in the bowl in terms of the face, scales and wings, and a lot of personality. It looks sort of regal with the mermaid carved bowl made out of meerschaum. For those of you wondering what that is, it’s just a mineral that usually floats on the ocean and is often used to make smoking pipes. It’s been used for a while and you’ll likely see a lot of antique smoking pipes are made with it.

Vintage Hand Made German Black Forest Wood Tobacco Smoking Pipe

This pipe is much more simple in it’s design but it no less stunning a piece with it’s claw-like bowl and interesting stem. There is a lot of cool detail in the bowl and accents on the rim of the bowl and the stem really make this pipe look unique. Unlike the last pipe, this one looks much more tribal and raw, but still amazing none the less.

19th Century Europe Austria Hungary Rare and IMPERIAL Meerschaum Pipe

I may have said the first pipe looks regal, but this one actually is an imperial pipe. This pipe is also made of meerschaum and features a really intricate design of a boar hunt and everything about this pipe looks and feels like it’s worthy of a royal enthusiast. The looks matches the price tag too which is fitting because not many people who don’t call themselves royalty can justify spending about $3,400 on a single pipe.

Vintage Black Faced Collectible Pipe

This antique smoking pipe is racist. There was no other way to start this paragraph than that. This pipe was made in a time when black face was acceptable, then someone decided to make a pipe that represented that idea. So here we have a racist little pipe for people who either collect pipes or collect racist memorabilia. I think it’s horribly ugly, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.